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Collision Course (Sports)

Three rival F-1 racers detail their run-ins and races while a single journalist covers the sport, their lives, and the highs and lows of the racing life.

Love on Stage (Romance)

Ben and Cara are ecstatic, they’ve both been cast in the roles they’ve always wanted for a new run of West Side Story. Unfortunately for them, they’ve had a rocky past and not on the friendliest of terms. Can they put the past behind them and put on a great show?
Note: Want to change the show? Let us know what you’d prefer!

Moby Dick (Classic)

A sailor by the name of Ishmael joins a crew of whalers on the hunt for an albino whale that destroyed the captain’s last ship. Adventure! Action! Introspection! Whales!

Me or You (Mystery)

Jacob has been through multiple treatments for schizophrenia, but things seem to be under control. One night, a murder occurs at night and Dylan, a detective, is called in. While Dylan searches for the murderer, Jacob’s condition worsens but he keeps it hidden. When Jacob’s disappearances coincide with murders, Dylan grows suspicious, but Jacob is also suspicious of Dylan. Who is lying, and who is telling the truth? One of them is hiding something, but who?

Down to Earth (Comedy)

Louis is set to inherit his father's million-dollar business, and lives a lavish lifestyle while waiting for the money to drop. When his parents decide he needs new perspective, he is sent to the countryside to a farming school owned by a family friend, and starts a new life entirely, working in ways he never has before, and learning about a world and a people he thought he’d imagined being a part of.

Math Trap (Young Adult)

Four members of a high school math club find themselves in school late one night preparing for an upcoming competition. As the night goes on, a series of creepy events start occurring. When things get too intense, they attempt to head home, before realising all the exits of the school have been blocked. Thus begins a suspenseful thriller with one eerie question hanging over their heads - will they ever get out (alive)?

The Detective and The Ghost (Mystery)

A detective loses his wife to a serial killer he has spent the last two years pursuing. On the day of his wife’s funeral, her ghost starts contacting him, and together they begin the search to find the killer and release his wife’s soul. 

Rich and Poor (Romance)

James is a producer working in Hollywood with inherited money. The world is his oyster, and nothing is outside of his grasp. One day while working on set he finds Jamie sleeping in a dumpster, and something about her reminds him of something but he doesn’t know what. When confronted, he accidentally says Jamie is his sister. 

He decides to look after Jamie - his polar opposite - and help her get back on her feet. But there’s more to Jamie than he thinks, and it gets harder as the two start feeling an attraction towards one another.

Haunted and Supported (Young Adult)

When Kane wakes up after a car crash, there’s another person in his room nobody else can see. Turns out its a ghost, visible since Kane brush with the world of the dead. The ghost says Kane has to help him achieve a goal so he can finally depart the spirit realm. The problem is, Kane keeps accumulating more ghosts - some good, but one very, very bad.

On the Road(ie) Again (Comedy)

A singer/songwriter and lifelong fan of The Sliding Rocks, Clint makes it onto the roadie crew of the band’s America-wide tour, only to discover that behind the scenes the band is well past its glory days of the 60’s and 70’s. As he balances saving the band members from destroying themselves of arthritis, fading memories, viagra mishaps, and elderly stubbornness, he slowly carves a path towards making his own music -- and perhaps he’ll find friendship, love, and other surprises along the way.

Tech Kids on the Block (Parody)

Four young kids in elementary school all tweet like miniature versions of tech types. Think comical variations on self-help articles, school yard hijinks that mimic real world problems, and teachers that feel like the shadow of giant tech companies (facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc.) Each day and week takes a look at current trends on a smaller scale, and looks to shoot holes and poke fun at everybody and everything involved, no matter who they are.

Game On (Parody)

Joe Stud was “the man” back in the day, and his score of Ms Pacman went unbeaten for years before it was stolen (his claim) by Harry Nail. More recently, he’s heard people talking smack about old games and he won’t stand for it -- he’s made it his personal goal to enter the world of competitive gaming and show these kids he’s still got it, but with so many different titles -- League of Legends, Starcraft, Team Fortress, Street Fighter V, Guilty Gear, Counter Strike, and countless others -- where does he start his new climb for the top, and how does he get there? And what about the enemies -- both old and new -- who block his way?

Golf Stars (Sports)

Prism Lorde (We can’t believe it’s his name either) has taken the golf world by storm. He’s young, good looking, he live tweets his days on the course, and he chats with the audience whenever he gets the chance. He also happens to be a real prospect. But his new approach to the game (and his flashy outfits) have made him something of a character to hate in the game, and in particular Carl Waterman, another young and upcoming golf star and staunch traditionalist, doesn’t much like the crowd Prism brings to the game. The story follows the two of them on their journey towards their inevitable clash, and the rivalry that will direct them both on to greatness.

Do Not Enter (YA Adventure)

A young group of four kids visit an abandoned factory to explore and take photographs. A long time ago the factory was thought haunted, and was closed after an accident that was never properly explained. When one of the kids finds a mysterious briefcase and takes it home, strange people (and things) start showing up around town, and people start disappearing…

Sisterhood (Young Adult)

Adapted from the YA book/movie Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Five teenage girls who have grown up together for their entire lives are about to spend their first summer away from each other after graduating from high school. Each of them is spending their summer doing vastly different things, in different places. Before they leave, they go shopping and find a sweatshirt that somehow fits and flatters all five of them really well - despite being different sizes and measurements. They decide that the sweatshirt will spend one week with each of them over the summer and then it’ll be mailed over to the next member of their little group, almost like a ‘travelling’ sweatshirt. The journey thus follows all five girls over their summer, their connection to each other (through the sweatshirt) and coming into their own without their friends. 

Valley Twags -- Tech Wives and Girlfriends (Drama)

Once a week, four young couples meet for an intense yoga session at a studio in Palo Alto. Upon first glance, these seem like regular young people, matching in their uniform of grey t-shirts and snapbacks. When you look a little closer though, these are the founders or co-founders of some of the largest tech companies in the world, and their equally qualified (if not more) wives and girlfriends. On the forefront of social media, these twags document their everyday lives — learning how to balance their immense success, their professional and personal lives, and the inevitable drama between these high profile women (and their techie partners).

The Forgotten Community (Mystery)

A fugitive on the run details the strange way in which his life was taken from him in just over a week. Then a few strangers contact him with similar stories, and with nothing left to lose, he meets them. The fugitive discovers a community of the forgotten and the ruined, a conspiracy theory, and an underground resistance he might just become the leader of.

Prehistoric Flashback (Fantasy)

When it is discovered that dinosaurs may still inhabit a small island off the coast of South America, a small group of researchers is sent to investigate. And though the researchers find dinosaurs, they find them unusually hostile, and worse yet, the dinosaurs aren’t the worst of their troubles; a group of bounty hunters and a mysterious private military company might finish them off first!?

Day after Day (Comedy)

A day repeats for a day, a week, a month — but only one person seems to realize. However, they slowly start to realize that there is something more sinister at play… A kind of Scrooge story, but with more sinister underworld magic and less Christmas spirit.?

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