✨Calling all Manga Fans in Manila✨
(lets get ☕️ or 🍕 and talk manga)


We're a small "real-time" manga studio based in Tokyo that's headed to Manila this weekend for Komikon and to hopefully connect with great local manga creators and lovers like you!


Myself (designer & writer), Hengtee (editor & writer), and Nancy (illustration & design) are coming over for the weekend and would love to get a coffee or meal with you and talk manga and comics, and learn what you're trying to do with what you're creating or what kind of stories you're looking for.


We're looking to meet…

  • Artists and storytellers who we can help fund their stories and partner on publishing them on Everyst.
  • Local marketers and PR specialists who can connect us with passionate readers in the Philippines.
  • Professional readers who can help us improve our stories and give us feedback!

So can we plan to get together for a coffee or pizza while we're there?

🕑I'd be available to meet
Please select all the times that you'd probably be available to meet at in central Manila, probably here: www.ycafe.ph
We're going to do our best to meet everyone that reaches out to us, but let us know why we should definitely make time to meet with you!
Would you be interested in a group meetup Sunday night with 10-30 other manga lovers a *

Do you have any friends that you think we should meet too?